Never Mind

Sorry. Spoke too soon.

IKEA actually has replaced the Swedish rye bread I used to buy, so I can’t be pissed off anymore. And I have to take back all I said about IKEA not caring about providing whole-grain black bread (See previous post).

Their brand product is seen in the photo provided. I don’t yet know how Brödmix Flerkorn tastes, so it may still be inferior to the old stuff. But at least I’ve got hope.

By the way… black bread tastes great with mayo and vine-ripe tomatoes, so this is a good season to try it.

More later.

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3 Comments on “Never Mind”

  1. Christina Says:


  2. Christina Says:

    It’s been discontinued!!!! 😦

  3. […] ago IKEA has replaced its black bread product with a new brand. I describe this development in a new blog post. I feel it’s necessary to mention it here, since so many people who read Cul-De-Sac read this […]

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