I Say Again… Curse IKEA!

I have been writing this blog for going on three years, and no blog post I’ve written has gotten more attention among readers than my denunciation of IKEA for no longer selling their black bread mix. I once made special trips to the Swedish retailer to buy a carton of dry makings for Finax Swedish Rye Bread.

You used to be able to buy this stuff.

Just add water, let it rise and then bake for an hour and you have fresh, whole-grain rye bread just like I ate as a teenage exchange student in Hamburg, Germany.

I guess it occurred to me to wonder about this again, since I just returned from a trip to Europe in which I visited Hamburg and was able to taste that rich and wonderful food. I also recall IKEA employees having told me the Finax product was being discontinued because they wanted all their food to be IKEA products.

This came with the suggestion they would replace it with something much the same and just as good, only difference is it would carry the IKEA brand.

But my recent trip to the IKEA on Friars Road in San Diego showed me there was no black bread mix. It had not been replaced.

I will complain to management, though I expect it will do no more good than the last time I raised the subject with them. The very least they could do is tell me where else I can buy it.

This product was a gem among the stacks of cheap furniture they sell at the place. It was something you couldn’t find anywhere else. Maybe it still is, which means they probably won’t tell me another place I can buy it.

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One Comment on “I Say Again… Curse IKEA!”

  1. Carol Lawrence Says:

    Check out friends of Finax on Facebook. The re-labeled mix may well be returning to Ikea very gradually. Looks like you’ve got lots of company. http://www.facebook.com/groups/111963465495644/

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