Sophie’s room

Her room at my house is empty.

Sophie loved going to school and now

She’s gone away to college.

In Kindergarten she learned to tie her shoes.

In high school she got perfect grades

Because she always hit the books

And she is an open book

Who cries when something upsets her.

I wished I could dry her tears when a harp concert went wrong

Or when she thought her friends were mad at her.

She just called and told me she thought she lost

Her key card to her dorm, and she cried.

Should the widows be open or shut in her empty room?

Should her room be cleaned and dusted?

She’s not here, you know, just a picture on my GPS tracker

That’s as far away as San Francisco Bay.

I tell her not to ride the BART home at night but she’s out of sight.

I’m not there to watch her. Not there to dry her tears.

I held her tight the night before she left.

And memories are what I have for now.

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