Enecko (Anna’s baby)

Enecko. His name sounds like an echo

He has fat arms, a broad nose and black hair.

He lies on his back and holds his pink palms open

Like he’s telling something to stop

But his face is quiet and sure.

His puffy eyelids leave open a slit that seems to make

Even a baby’s rest a time to collect

Pictures of the world.

He was premature.

Just two pounds when he entered the light

Through a cleft in his mother’s belly.

A Caesarian birth that made his coming

More urgent and violent than what even most people see

As new creatures arrive expecting nourishment

And a gentleness that follows the pain of birth.

A few months later he’d be smiling and laughing at the harness

Parents strap on to suspend him from their bodies.

At the hats they make him wear.

At the cameras they continually point at him as if

They’ll forget everything about the time he was suckling,

Shitting his diaper and trying to hold himself upright.

They’re hilarious to think they’ll forget the love.

And knowing that I’m so beautiful.

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