The Summer of A Crazy Year

The sun sets in a cloud of smoke in California. But this picture of a filtered sun in San Diego is mild compared to the bizarre sunsets in the north of the state where wildfire has generated smoke that has has consumed whole cities.

It’s a very human thing to imagine the world’s end. When I was a kid it was nuclear armageddon. Now it’s global warming and that apocalypse is looking more and more familiar as we feel the rising heat and witness its many expressions on earth.

Not just California of course. Fires are burning up and down the west coast. The Seattle Mariners baseball team had to move their home games to San Diego because the smoke made the air quality so bad in Seattle. I got to see a funny thing. Seattle was playing in Petco Park, San Diego’s ballpark, and they were batting last in the inning.

It was technically a home game for the Mariners so, even though they were playing in San Diego, they were batting last, not first. Surely the end of the world is near when the rules of baseball are so messed up.

American adults grew up in a world where it seemed everything would be okay. That is still my hope. Donald Trump, that scourge on our democracy, will lose the election. The coronavirus will be tamed and people will try to create a promising future for my kids and grandkids.

I’ll stop thinking of doom. We’ll look back on this year and we’ll all have a good laugh.

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