Birthday Lounger

When my son turned sixteen, which happened today, he got his dream chair. It’s a reclining lounger from Jerome’s. The old chair in his room was shedding flakes of fake leather and that couldn’t be tolerated.


I tried it out, thinking that the lounger really should belong to dad. I sat down and immediately wondered where was the TV and where was my beer.



The chair from Jerome’s was delivered by two guys who also took away the old shedding chair that I’m sure is bound for the landfill. Although the chair, the delivery and the removal of the shedding chair cost a lot of money, Karen still insisted on tipping each delivery guy $20.


The chair came in a big box. And I would have been happy to see the guys take it and reuse it for some other Jerome’s furnishing. But Sophie said she wanted to keep it. She’s 11 years old and still wants to play in big boxes, or at least she imagines she does. So the big box is now in the middle of the family room.



So that was Nicholas’s birthday. I suppose most kids want a driver’s license when they’re 16 but Nicholas got a lounger and Karen is now the world’s greatest mom for shopping for it and buying it.

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