The Lost Belly Dance Picture

I was weeding through my parents’ old photos after their move to an old folks home and I threw away one I should have kept. It was one of me dancing with a belly dancer. You know how it is. You’re at a party. Someone hired a belly dancer and as a gag they tell the dancer to make me come up and dance with her.

In the photo the dancer is in the background and there I am in a suit and tie doing some stupid move.

I first thought, ‘Who would want to see that besides me?’ But there was a story behind it, and I don’t think my kids ever saw me doing anything like that so they might get a kick out of it. So I went out to the trash bin and dug through the many photo albums I’d thrown away to try to find that one picture. The party was in Minnesota so I thought I was getting warm when I found some other pictures from that time. But no luck.

Of course something else happened and this happens a lot in life. When you’re pursuing something you think you want, you end up finding something better. At the bottom of the trash bin, once I’d pulled out all the photo albums, there was a photo that has fallen out of one of them. It was my mom when she was running the orchestra program for the schools in my home town, Grinnell, Iowa. That belly dancing picture is only in my memory. But that’s okay because I’ve got this.

Orch Program






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