Fall Festival

It happens every autumn and it makes sweet memories for students who attend St. Didacus Parish School. Kids come to win prizes in the game shacks, fire a paintball gun and eat Mrs. Tollefson’s meatball sandwiches.

Girls spray-paint their hair and you see some kids you were pretty sure graduated a couple of years ago. Parents set up the stage, the tables and tarps, knowing they’ll just have to take them down on Sunday. The kids run around with snow cones while dads walk into that fenced-off place where you can get a beer.

You hope people spend a lot of money so the school can make a lot of money. If you missed the Baja Bugs playing Beatles tunes they’ll probably be back next year. Fall Festival doesn’t change much and but that’s OK.

FFestival 1

FFestival 2


FFestival 3

FFestival 4

FFestival 5

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