Outing Brian Selznick

The Academy Awards are coming up and I cannot resist the urge to gossip about the nominees. So here’s something you may not know about Brian Selznick, author of the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, on which the Oscar-nominated movie Hugo is based.

He’s gay and I outed him. Here’s the story.

About 5 years ago, Selznick was talking about his Hugo Cabret book, which had just been published, and he appeared on my old radio talk show called These Days.

Selznick was and I’m sure he remains a nice, soft-spoken guy who lives half the year in San Diego. And at one point he made some reference to his boyfriend during the live show. Afterward he told Angela, who produced the program, that it was the first time he had spoken about being gay in front of the media.

I suppose I didn’t really out him, he outed himself. I later heard, in fact, that everyone who worked in a La Jolla bookstore, that he frequented, knew he was gay so the man wasn’t exactly closeted.

Still, it makes me feel good to think I played some role in the rumor mill that feeds the hype around the Academy Awards.

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