When You’re Bored with the Super Bowl are you Bored with Life?

Super Bowl Sunday came and went and I never turned on my TV. I have said that I will watch the Super Bowl only if I have absolutely nothing better to do. Sunday, I had nothing else to do and I still didn’t watch it.

It wasn’t because I didn’t like either of the teams. I just think the Super Bowl is boring. It’s the same old routine every year.

The hype is exhausting. Some people think it’s worth watching it for the commercials, but the commercials aren’t that good. Again, more hype.

Every year, they trot out some well-worn pop star who does an act at half-time and sings songs you’ve already heard more often than you want to. Anthropologists have surely tried to explain why the Super Bowl is a cultural touchstone. But it’s just another football game that comes so late in the season you’ve got to sick of football by then.

Sunday I decided to find something to do by taking a walk in Normal Heights, my old neighborhood. The rows of small bungalows and the main street, Adams Avenue, warm and quiet my heart as I think of the hundreds of fond memories they hold for me. Normal Heights has become my old home town. And as I was driving home I noticed a parking space outside The Ould Sod, an Irish Bar on Adams Ave.

I walked in and they were (of course) watching the Super Bowl. The owner, Mick Ward, bought me a beer and we chatted while bar flies yelled at the TV screens. It was a very Boston crowd, so they favored New England.

Putting the Super Bowl in that place made it different. The event felt right as the TV sound was turned down and I just heard the voices of the people inside the bar. Next year I’ll watch the Super Bowl there again, unless I find something better to do.

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