Still No Black Bread

Not long ago, I blogged about my disappointment over the removal of Finax Swedish Rye Bread from the store shelves of IKEA. (“Curse IKEA,” Sept. 26, 2011) And I got quite a few comments on that post. In fact, more commented on that than on anything else I’ve written.

Shortly after Christmas I got this comment from rosasputnik:

It’s back… under the IKEA brand. I just bought 6 boxes at IKEA Round Rock, TX! YAY!!! (Date: Dec. 29th)

I’m glad for her. But my local IKEA in San Diego has given me no such good news. The glad tiding from Texas sound consistent with the basic story I’ve heard. The store tells me they are eliminating non-brand items from their grocery section, but they will soon provide Swedish black bread under the IKEA label.

Unfortunately, the last time I visited the retailing giant I still could find no black bread, NOR could I find the Swedish sausage I’d been accustomed to buying there. Same story… “We are getting rid of non-brand stuff but we’ll replace that sausage and bread you like with something even better and we’ll do it so fast it’ll make your head spin!”

I have come to not believe this story and I’m starting to fear a larger conspiracy. In fact, rosasputnik may not be a real person but a corporate plant, spreading disinformation. Does Round Rock, Texas even actually exist??

I hope to be proved wrong but we’ll see. If grocery products are not restored, I may never assemble another IKEA armoire.

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