Beatles Cover Bands

I don’t normally get into acts that impersonate other acts, but I have a weakness for Beatles cover bands. It’s something to do with having grown up in the sixties. It’s something to do with the rich pop-culture landscape the Beatles created, and the unmistakable sound of their music… which, of course, was great rock and roll.

You find Beatles cover bands in the strangest places. Last weekend I listened to the “Baja Bugs” at the fall festival of my kids Catholic school, St. Didicus in San Diego. The Bugs have the look and the sound just about right, and they play with plenty of spirit. Over the past two years they’ve made the fall festival actually fun for adults.

Another Beatles cover band was a group of actors who made the mock documentary film, “The Rutles.” Cover bands always contain an element of satire, and the Rutles were fully satirical. The best known member of the group was Monty Python actor Eric Idle, who played one of the band members and was the documentary narrator.

If you haven’t seen this movie, and you’re a Beatles fan, be sure to rent it because it’s hilarious. Here’s a scene that shows the character who represents John Lennon meeting the person who represents Yoko Ono in an art studio. They go on to protest in a tub.

OK, maybe you think this stuff is dumb, or you just don’t get it, but it cracks me up! Beatles fans… rent the Rutles! (If the video is still available)

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