Seeing the Camera Launch

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. I remember the day, 23 years ago, when my parents and I pulled into Ashville, NC on our way to a wedding in South Carolina. We decided to get dinner at a BBQ restaurant that was on a list of local eateries they kept at the Super 8 motel.

When we walked into that old red-brick restaurant in downtown Asheville, we learned that a bluegrass group called the 40-West Band would be performing that night. The music was AMAZING and… best of all… totally unexpected.

Serendipity met me again this weekend when I went to the City Heights Farmers’ Market, as I do every Saturday morning. The news website Voice of San Diego was there to set a camera aloft on the end of three helium balloons. What was the point? Taking pictures of City Heights in a random manner.

I was headed home when Scott Lewis, the CEO of Voice, saw me and encouraged me to stick around for the launch. The photos, such as they would be, were to be posted on the website Speak City Heights.

The tiny camera was  programmed to shoot many pictures as it ascended, and it was on a  tether so it could later be reeled in. We did a countdown, the balloons were released and the wind set them and their camera on an easterly course. It threatened to get stuck in palm trees or on the roof of a nearby building, but a few tugs on the tether kept it going.

It was an unusual act of journalism and I was glad to see it. Whether it will take any interesting or illuminating photographs we have yet to see. Hope for serendipity. Below is my personal video of the launch. That’s my son Nicholas warning, “It’s going to hit the tree!”

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