Stolen Skateboard, Still Under Investigation

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about crime in my neighborhood, illustrated by the theft of a skateboard from my front yard. My effort to mobilize the community and find the offender has, so far, failed.

But this photograph could make a difference. This is not the stolen skateboard. But it’s a duplicate they made for me at Sk8box. So if you see this skateboard anywhere near Normal Heights, and it’s not being used by my family, let me know. Remember the green wheels.

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2 Comments on “Stolen Skateboard, Still Under Investigation”

  1. Tova Roth Says:

    I’ll definitely look out for it.

    • Kella Says:

      dont know why i … dont know why i wtahced this but its cool taught me somethin and it made me laugh.looked like you were having fun when you were falling over lol

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