Pulitzer Prize next door

I saw my neighbor Chuck outside his house yesterday and I asked him how much you get for winning the Pulitzer Prize. It was a good question because his wife, Rae, just won the prize for her book of poetry called Versed. He said it was only ten thousand dollars and it seemed to me you should get more than that. But I told him to pass along congratulations anyway.

Rae lives there. I just didn’t happen to see her out in the yard that day.

Poetry is something most of us don’t read, and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read any of Rae’s poetry. Now, I’m sure I will. I did know that Rae fought a battle with cancer. But she dug herself out of that hole and wrote about it in Versed.

Chuck told me Rae heard about the Pulitzer one day before her birthday. It was quite a birthday present though there’s no better present than life and she got that one too. Here’s to Rae and her good fortune.

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2 Comments on “Pulitzer Prize next door”

  1. Jim Fudge Says:

    I’ll have to meet Rae Armentrout and ask if she has read Ed Hearst or Louise Erdrich or met Sue McLeod. Mom and I did meet Chuck when we feared that we had dented his car located just across from your house (Chuck was very gracious and said that the bump we of small consequence. I too must order her book of verse (entitled ” Versed”) to add to my small number of poetry volumes. Although I buy mostly fiction or non-fiction books, some poetry I love. And thinking of Nicholas’ stolen skate board, It does seem an injustice when a thief steals our possessions–surely a personal insult!

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